Zelena returns in time to save Robin from being sacrificed to the Resurrection Amulet and agrees to take her place instead. Zelena eventually releases Archie from his binds, but only to let him tend to baby Robin. Status: Identify this tribe from LOTR, and their eventual fate. Sheriff of Nottingham | Ultimately, Zelena chooses to move out, and once leaving her sister and moving things back into her farmhouse she's met with a surprise: the Evil Queen herself, who is ready for some sisterly bonding. The crew makes headquarters in Granny's diner, where Zelena is bound to a chair as the whole restaurant is sucked into the portal and transported to the Enchanted Forest. At one point Emma saves Robin Hood's wife, Marian, from being executed by the Evil Queen, and they decide to take her back to the present day to avoid effecting the timeline anymore than they already have. As Zelena is in the middle of driving her five-year-old daughter to Ashley's daycare center, she stops the car and gets out before noticing two women standing in front of her. They see someone in the office and go up. Deeper in the mines, after Gideon incapacitates Regina, the Black Fairy leads Zelena into a cave full of light fairy crystals. Hades believes there's no other way, and that Zelena has to choose between the both of them or Regina. She dances throughout her Emerald City palace, proceeding to fly on a broomstick to terrorize munchkins in a local village, all the while reveling in her sister's misery. .. Robin affirms he doesn't care for children and instead wants her to craft a potion to break the protection spell on the town line so he can leave Storybrooke forever. If he doesn't, Zelena will hurt Emma's family and friends. Regina has a note delivered to Zelena to meet the Evil Queen at the pawn shop, where she walks in on Rumple and the Queen being rather intimate. Regina deduces that someone must have broken in and stolen from her, and as they start to decipher who it had to have been, they're startled by a noise at the door and go to investigate. Once the girl flees, Zelena uses toe dagger to force Mr. Gold into giving a message to the rest of Belle's allies, David, Emma and Tinker Bell, outside the cellar, that anyone who attempts to hinder her quest to take down Regina will die. Inside, Zelena and Hook interrupt Madame Leota's seance to confront Gothel about Robin, but Leota demonstrates her immense power by pinning Hook to the wall. Zelena is unhappy with this, quipping about her sister putting her in yet another prison, before dropping the comment as a joke. OUAT – What is OUAT Cosplay? Zelena betrays them and becomes an ally to King Arthur, who removes her cuff, and helps him take control of Merlin until he breaks free. Zelena is initially against the Evil Queen robbing her better half, but finds herself not really doing anything to prevent this. Emma kneels and there's a blast of white light, burning Zelena's hands. From the old witch, they learn she gave the helm to King Fergus in a deal, leading them to steal a bow that Fergus gifted his daughter Merida, as a way to locate the missing helm. When the two witches go to investigate, they find the ruins of a farmhouse and a young girl. Wasn’t this episode so creepy? She stumbles upon a source of magic (the emerald necklace) and becomes a green, wicked witch. Leopold finds himself falling in love with Cora, and wishes to marry her instead, the latter of which is entirely willing. She asks after her daughter, whom Regina confirms is fine since Robin is hiding her in the woods. Later, Zelena goes to a farmhouse outside of town and feeds a prisoner in the cellar. When Robin retorts he hasn't had enough time with their child since he's been protecting her from Zelena, she berates him for being in the Underworld instead of with their daughter. She's disgusted to learn that the baby is still without a name, and at how Robin abandons her not even a few days old to venture to the Underworld. Drawn to the box's design, Zelena touches it, unknowingly triggering the blood magic seal on it, causing the box to unlock. Rumplestiltskin, meanwhile, back in the Enchanted Forest makes a deal with former thief Robin of Loxley to pay the Wicked Witch a visit in the Emerald City and steal the elixir of the wounded heart. An orderly, Poole, shows up and magically tasers them into unconsciousness, before locking them up in a caged cell. As Zelena consoles herself with drinks, Belle pleads for her to convince Hades to tear up contract on her baby, but Zelena doubts Hades will listen.