These moves often make it worthwhile.

Fun is only one of them, although granted it’s a big one. For example, skateboards with shorter decks work well for beginners. Read More. There are a variety of conditions that can make skateboarding extra risky, such as: So who is the average skateboarder? At least not with THAT attitude! You are breaking the law by skateboarding anywhere in the downtown area of my city, which is not an “Exclusive Bike Lane.”. No matter how hard you try and avoid damaging obstacles, if you skate something enough, it will likely become damaged. One of the most common questions is whether skateboarding is dangerous. While simply riding a skateboard is not a crime, there are things that skateboarders do, and places they skate, which are illegal.

Trespassing may not seem like a big deal to some, but for others, and people that own the property, it can be seen as a big violation of their personal space. For example, how to stop. This is perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind, as this is often the one thing that causes a lot of injuries. The short answer is that, like anything, without the proper care it can be dangerous. The truth is skateboarding at night can be one of the best times to skateboard – as long as you're properly prepared. It is not illegal to give someone a skateboard, and it is also not illegal to ride a skateboard. And always skate in wide and open areas, so if you fall you do not hit anything. Let’s dive deeper and get to the root of the “criminality of skateboarding”. While 1/3 of skateboarding injuries in 2015 were skaters between the ages of 5 and 14, half are in the 14-24 age group. Staying safe while on your skateboard is a matter of common sense. 22. Trespassing is illegal. While it is not illegal to ride a skateboard, it may be illegal to ride a skateboard in certain places. As with anything, you get what you pay for, and when it comes to skateboards, you want quality. Let us spam you on Twitter. If you get permission, make sure you are respectful and do not damage anything. and to get the courage to take that first push off the ground. Mastering these maneuvers before throwing yourself into the pop shove-it is a wise thing to do. Being able to print and assemble a barely functional skateboard that looks like shit isn’t particularly impressive. We’ve talked about how to stay safe while riding. Catching a wheel on a twig or small stone can cause an inexperienced skateboarder to fall. When I was about 12, my town had a curfew of 9:00 PM for anyone under the age of 16. I have noticed that often these signs are posted outside of very busy areas and businesses. These signs designate “No Skate Zones”. Watch for any cracks in the wheels or in the board itself, as well as sharp edges or issues with the top surface. I understand that some people “grow up” and have families, lose interest, get injured, but If you’re over 35 and don’t have an awesome story about a legendary bowl, party, or skateboarder for that matter, spare yourself the embarrassment and keep your mouth shut. Be sure to take it slow, practice mindful skating and don’t ever extend beyond your current skill level too fast. You can get hurt skateboarding. © 2020 Jenkem MagazineFreeflow Digital Media, 10 PROFESSIONAL SKATERS YOU MIGHT HAVE THOUGHT WERE HOMELESS, A COLLECTION OF OUR FAVORITE AMATEUR DRIVEWAY CLIPS, JEREME ROGERS’ RECOMMENDED BOOKS FOR SUCCESS, 5 TYPES OF SKATERS YOU WILL MEET IN COLLEGE, THE WORLD’S FIRST 3D PRINTED SKATEBOARD SUCKS THE BIG ONE. /*! Skateboarding is not a crime. If this is you, you've come to the right... 15 Best (And Sickest) Skateboard Tricks of All Time. A basic definition of trespassing is simply entering an owner’s land or property without permission. The city I currently live in has a curfew from Midnight – 6:30 AM for anyone under 16 years of age. Protective gear is vital to safety. We’ve put together several things to keep in mind when it comes to safe skateboarding. 2. Beginner Skateboard Gear . Now let’s get into some of the benefits of skateboarding. Not to mention the perfect way to get around. It also helps lower the risk of coronary disease and obesity while keeping you strong and lean. October 3, 2013/Anthony Pappalardo/ARTICLES. Check out our article on how to keep skateboarding risk down on the HVS Boardsport blog! If you survived the weirdness, part of you is an early-‘90s skater, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Sure drunk dude outside of the bar at 2 a.m., you can see my board! Statistics show that one-third of injuries occur with less than one weeks’ experience. But it’s also worth noting that with the right headgear, most would not have happened. But taking things too quick could be asking for trouble. August 30, 2013/Anthony Pappalardo/ARTICLES. We know that skateparks are a legal place to ride, but what about other places in your town. It is best to avoid trespassing on private property. Are we friends? Young children also have different proportions. Skateboards can be seen almost anywhere you go. The first thing to do is get a pair of good skate shoes. I often let these people “see my board” and watch them do the pop-shuvit reverse body varial that everyone seems to go for immediately, or the really low crouch, touch hands on the ground to one-inch ollie. It is not illegal to own a skateboard.

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