These factors can threaten the longevity of your grill by weakening it. Having a grill cover will ensure that the conditions are not suitable for the growth of such microorganisms. On the handles exists pads to offer comfort to the user. This cover will work for a range of Weber Genesis 300 models. Furthermore, this grill cover has air vents that ensure that condensation does not take place. Best Meat Slicers: Expert Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ! This cover works for grills that measure 64 inches in length, 24 inches in depth, and 48 inches in height. Which are the best grill covers for weber genesis? It resists sun damage and will thus not fade and wear away over the years. If you have a Genesis II 3 burner or 300 series or II LX 300 series, this can work for you. A: No, this cover works for three-burner grills. With these benefits accruing from having a grill cover, you probably want to get the first cover that works for your Weber Genesis. Many people believe that they should reach far into their pockets to get a good machine. List of Top-Rated Grill Covers for Weber Genesis, How to choose the best grill covers for weber genesis. It, however, will not work for the Silver C grill and the Genesis II E 410. Best Glider Chairs: FAQ, How-Tos’, and Buyer’s Guide. This cover will fit most Weber Genesis 300 series and is suitable for areas with harsh weather conditions. It has a beautiful appearance and features good stitching for a beautiful finish. Do you need a grill cover? Also, cleaning it is easy and all you need to do is to hose it down now and then. While the Silver B is slightly larger than the Silver A they both use the same size cover. Well, the cover will protect the grill and will keep it working for years on end. Thus, if you need a durable cover that can withstand direct sunlight without tearing and fading, this would be a good choice. It is breathable to allow air circulation, and this protects the grill from rust. Not only is it affordable, but it is also of high quality and will serve you for a long time. This grill cover is suitable for three and four-burner grills with widths between 55 and 58 inches. Best Big Man Recliners: Our Reviews of Upsized Recliners for Tall and Heavy Men. The strength accruing from these materials enables this cover to withstand varying weather conditions. Heavy-duty polyester fabric can resist the effects of harsh weather conditions. For one, you should dry the cover after washing it to ensure that you do not expose the grill to moisture. Strength is of the utmost importance when getting a grill cover. Allow the grill to cool down then place the cover on top, else you will reduce the quality of the cover. Also, such a fit will endure strong winds without falling apart and exposing the grill to the elements. It helps that this cover is breathable and will thus ensure that the grill does not rust. This cover will fit most Weber Genesis 300 series and is suitable for areas with harsh weather conditions. You will thus not risk the lives of your loved ones by grilling steaks on the grill over the summer. Maintenance also goes a long way in ensuring that the cover gives you long service. Q: Will this grill cover on an E320? The Velcro straps add to the appearance of the cover while providing it with a secure hold. You might think that your grill can survive harsh weather conditions owing to its strong build. How to Clean Blackstone Griddle After Cooking? This wind-resistant grill cover is suitable for Genesis Gold B, Gold C, 2000-5000 and Silver C models. There are seasons when your grill will not be in use. In this way, it cannot get blown off by strong winds, in the event of their occurrence. The light nature of the cover makes handling it an easy task. The grill will work better if it stays intact, and if you find one with ropes and other such features, consider buying it. Q: How will I know what will fit my grill? Cleaning and removing this cover is an easy task. Polyester fabric material; Measures 60” L x … So you can protect your investment and look forward to hot meals off the grill when the hot months are nigh. However, you should note that a cover cannot prevent normal wear and tear. At such times, the development of mold and mildew on the surface is quite likely. As such, it can withstand harsh weather elements without falling apart. With these in place, the cover will not blow up when strong winds are present, as it will have an avenue of release. A: Yes, it will fit your grill. Models include but are not limited to EP 310, S 330 and E 330. We may receive a small commission from products purchased through our links. The build of the cover will affect how durable it is. A: It should last you several years. A cover works by protecting the grill from harsh weather conditions, which can damage the machine. You cannot keep the rain from falling, but you can control how it affects your grill. In a few years, you would be back at the store. For a durable grill cover that can withstand the test of time, this would be a good option. Q: How long should I expect this cover to last? Also, the circulation of air ensures that moisture does not settle on the grill, and this prevents rusting. You can hose it down with water as often as is necessary and dry it before using it again. The cover is resistant to water and has a protective dark splash guard skirt. They also work in hanging and storing the cover. They also hold it in place when strong winds are present. This grill cover is compatible with Weber Genesis models, as well as other brands. This cover is of upgraded polyester fabric and can thus withstand wear and tear resulting from exposure to the elements. Best Portable Pellet Grills: Expert Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ! Affiliate Disclaimer:  The Home Dweller is supported by our readers. Not only will it resist water and UV rays, but it will also resist rips. However, grilled food is not always all that. Use these dimensions to see what will work for your grill. This grill cover works for any Genesis II four-burner grill. You can store the bag with ease by keeping it in a bag. It also works for other popular brands. Cleaning this cover is an easy process and you can hose it down as needed. Cleaning this cover is easy, and you can hose it down as often as you feel necessary. There are handles on the sides which aid in the fitting and removal of the cover. But before you do that, you should consider the following determinants: You want to use a grill cover with a perfect fit; else, you will leave space for the entry of microorganisms and water. You can leave it out in the sun to dry, and this will not affect its performance. Velcro straps ensure that the cover remains in place even when the weather conditions are windy. In this case, interior bound seams provide this grill cover with the strength to help it withstand harsh weather conditions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They also keep it in place, thus protecting the grill from heavy rains and winds. It is always best to go with a 100% fit, as this will prevent the entry of unwanted organisms.