Satsuma lmo is a Japanese sweet potatoes, this potatoes in a special variety with unique flavor and intense purple color, Mediterranean jumbo shrimps from Alexandria fresh market, black ink squid dengaku sauce, baby green zucchini roasted with white garlic, fish sauce, spicy tomatoes, yellow pepper, salty fingers baby herbs, {{toFixedPriceFloored(410)}} }' class="clickable-anchor">, { For the reservation please contact this number : +201 141 100 012. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { {{ basket.ref.address.ref.zoneUUID && flatZones[basket.ref.address.ref.zoneUUID].name }}, {{ staticContent.common.cashOnDelivery }}, {{ staticContent.common.creditCard }} {{ basket.ref.card?,8):creditCards[0].data.number.substr(8, 8) }} 6 AILES DE POULETS/CHICKEN WINGS. itemModalClick("a3d793a0-5b92-4ccb-9c36-86b97d9d1e6c","e8e08c14-b7d7-45e2-9173-7cee4279f022",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); All the team (Chef David Tavernier and his team, M. Imad Idrissi and his bar & restaurant team) are pushing everyday to be better...More. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); itemModalClick("6a106c68-ddb4-413b-b1be-72af689456f6","85fd622b-5c99-42a6-9945-d8b5cdbae5ca",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); }' class="clickable-anchor">, {

We are very happy that you spent a fantastic moment in our restaurant. itemModalClick("e955283f-7aba-40fa-96e7-a8679075e751","9f7c3d57-068c-41af-8aa3-6530ca330afa",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); EGP, {{toFixedPriceFloored(240)}} modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); Are you sure you want to delete this answer? }' class="clickable-anchor">, { We were a table of 4 and... all 4 of the menus had to be restarted by staff several times. Get quick answers from Le Deck By Laurent Peugeot staff and past visitors. modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); EGP, {{toFixedPriceFloored(100)}} }' class="clickable-anchor">, { modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); $14.00. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { 12 AILES DE POULETS/CHICKEN WINGS. For the reservation please contact this number : +201 141 100 012. Great atmosphere. We are looking forward to welcoming you back at Le Deck By Laurent Peugeot...More. Moonshin'hers menu #5 of 101 places to eat in Edmundston. itemModalClick("4d1a6d2d-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","9076ef92-22fa-4f2f-a09c-7d3522a4efca",true, true,"", "", "", "",false);

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); We are sorry that we didn't reach your expectations.

Le Deck Suspended above the shores of Lake Geneva, our terrace-lounge, Le Deck offers one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world. And is there a minimum charge? itemModalClick("6a106c68-ddb4-413b-b1be-72af689456f6","f6b49b59-5a73-405a-859e-e9d154859827",true, true,"", "", "", "",false);

I would most probably visit...More, The staff was so rude and they don’t have the slightest bit of handling techniques. EGP, {{toFixedPriceFloored(80)}} :) Fantastic...More, I went there last week and its the perfect restaurant for a romantic couple, friends or family. itemModalClick("308a4b1d-00bb-4532-b568-d31ff860577a","fa48653f-c15d-4f66-96ba-fa9ca0d725e6",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); }' class="clickable-anchor">, { : '' All of that surrounded by a different Dj everyday from 8pm to 12pm with a Chill Out to Deep House music. }' class="clickable-anchor">, {

Thank you for choosing Le Deck, and we are greatful that we reach your expectations. itemModalClick("4d1a748c-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","e511bd06-1a4e-4cb2-ac33-c8b0947d8994",true, true,"", "", "", "",false);[A-Z]/g) Hope to see you again. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { It was a waste of time and money .. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { The waiter Mohammed was very helpful, friendly and well knowledgeable. Thanks for Chosing Le Deck By Laurent Peugeot, itemModalClick("4d1a6fc6-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","2a2d8dda-86a9-4657-b7d7-417ba1d26c7c",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); EGP, {{toFixedPriceFloored(800)}} We went to Le Deck for dinner one night following the recommendation of a friend and ended up returning for a second dinner because we loved it that much. itemModalClick("d830ce58-9389-4114-99d8-14d437e9f285","225862ca-64f8-417a-a04e-91a839e92133",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); I'll never recommend this place to anyone Are you sure you want to delete this question?

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); Terrace. •Fusion cuisine of @lp_peugeot made by @david_tavernier 7-11pm. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { Going there for the 3rd time now, I can honestly tell you that they...More, Dear Umaima, The view, the food and the service are worth the value of the money. modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); Served with a mix of bread, dry fruits and seasonal chutneys, Mini tartlets, mango chutneys tonka seeds, dark chocolate, ganache, trio foam mango, chocolate red chili, mascarpone, tonka seed, mango ice cream, red pepper japanese, {{toFixedPriceFloored(110)}} modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); Can a vegetarian person get a good meal at this restaurant? }' class="clickable-anchor">, { EGP, Lamb shoulder cooked in low temperature for 16 hours. }}, {{ toFixedPrice(newCalcExtrasTotalPrice(item.extras)) }} X {{ item.quantity }}, {{staticContent.header.couldentDetectArea}}, {{ restaurantPage.orderingFlagMessage.message }}, {{}}, {{ verifyPhoneModel.selectedAddressPhone }}, {{}}, {{}}, {{}}, {{}}, {{}}, {{}}, {{ toFixedPrice( }}, {{ toFixedPrice( }}, {{toFixedPrice( }}, {{ itemModalClick("4d1a6fc6-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","6eaa1a7f-cb48-40a6-b3ef-6e1621142c15",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Parking Available, Validated Parking, Valet Parking, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Live Music, There are newer reviews for Le Deck By Laurent Peugeot, JT11245, Gérant at Le Deck By Laurent Peugeot, responded to this review. EGP, Grilled chicken fillet with skin, mix of green vegetables, potatoes agatha, Thai snow peas, coconut green curry sauce, spicy basil chips and fresh coriander (170 gm fillet and fried wings), {{toFixedPriceFloored(270)}}

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EGP, Astonishing touch, light dessrt, hint of fish, seafood, meat, {{toFixedPriceFloored(1050)}} modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); Check out Menus, Photos, Reviews, Phone numbers for Le Deck in Zamalek, Sofitel El Gezirah Cairo, 3 El Thawra Council St. Ask for Amir your waiter.More, Dear Tourist21877551404, }' class="clickable-anchor">, { }}, {{ toFixedPrice( }}, {{ }' class="clickable-anchor">, { EGP, Fried camembert cheese, served with apple jam miso, caramel soy and fresh salad with truffle vinaigrette, {{toFixedPriceFloored(190)}} }' class="clickable-anchor">, {

) Our Executive Chef David Tavernier and his team will make you taste our fusion French & Japanese menu. Can a gluten free person get a good meal at this restaurant? The French-Japanese fusion its a unique experience, we are striving to exceed your expectations.