They use what seems to be a large sized macaroni and comes in a 7.25 ounce box which will serve approximately three people. This is one food that I could never get sick of. It's made with real tropical pineapple for a smooth, decadent flavor. I get them from super Wal-Mart in the round container its packaged in. Some time ago, my brother bought my family a container of grated Parmesan Cheese so that we could make a Parmesan pizza later on in the week or possibly the week after that. pineapple juice 1 drop food color Spoonacular is not responsible for any adverse effects or damages that occur because of your use of the website or any information it provides (e.g. I mainly purchase the Philadelphia pineapple cream cheese as a spread for my bagels. Ingredients: Pasteurized Milk And Cream, Sugar, Pineapple, Whey Protein Concentrate, Contains Less Than 2% Of Water, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Salt, Modified Food Starch, Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavor, Natamycin (a Natural Mold Inhibitor), Vitamin A Palmitate, Cheese Culture. Explore all of Philadelphia's Cream Cheese, Dips & whipped products at Kraft What's Cooking & discover … It is one of my favorite desserts to eat. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Philadelphia Pineapple Cream Cheese Spread adds sweet creaminess to your favorite dishes and foods. Moreover, it is important that you always read the labels on every product you buy to see if the product could cause an allergic reaction or if it conflicts with your personal or religious beliefs. Product features. They were cheaper and made a lot of the same claims as this item. So in the end, everything just seems a little bit better with the creamy taste of Philly. The brand of Grated Parmesan Cheese that my brother bought too was called “Kraft 100% Grated ... Kraft Easy Mac is a wonderful product. I love how the pineapple sweetness infuses itself in the cream cheese. We also attempt to estimate the cost and calculate the nutritional information for the recipes found on our site. pkg. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Order groceries online for Delivery or Pickup. If you need help planning your diet or determining which foods (and recipes) are safe for you, contact a registered dietitian, allergist, or another medical professional. Do your thing in the kitchen with Philly! The deliciously smooth cream cheese dip pairs perfectly with multigrain bagel chips. PHILADELPHIA Bagel Chips & Strawberry Cream Cheese Dip is a convenient and flavorful on-the-go snack that is easy to carry anywhere. Spoonacular Score: 0% . It's made with real tropical pineapple for a smooth, decadent flavor. Mix up a cream cheese fruit dip to serve as a tasty snack. This Philadelphia cream cheese spread doesn't have artificial preservatives, flavors or dyes and is made with farm fresh milk and real cream for that classic taste you love. The price for this product is set by the individual retailers and varies among them. Please click on each retailer to see that retailer's price for this product. 20 Ingredients. ... Philadelphia Pineapple Cream Cheese Spread 7.5 oz Tub. I love how the pineapple is succulent, Overall, the Philadelphia pineapple cream cheese is the best because of its smoothness, Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of the, Kraft Philadelphia Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese. 1 package (8 ounces) fat-free cream cheese, softened; 1 can (8 ounces) unsweetened crushed pineapple, drained I have attempted to bring home the store brands in the past but my family nor I feel they have the same taste. Depending on the store that I go to I usually pay between around a ... Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is one of those name brand store items that everyone has heard about, everyone knows about and just about everyone has tried it.