For full template sets, I chose 1/2\" MDF as a good balance between extra thickness (say no to 1/4\" templates!) 60's Strat Template. 65.00. "Our tool, you rule!" Perfect for the full time luthier or part time novice guitar builder. Quick View. When building guitars one of the important factors is accuracy. $39.95. Canadian Dollars ... Floyd Rose Recessed Routing Template Set. Quick View. Add to Cart. 50's Strat Template with Suhr style headstock. Every stage of the template is created in house, from CAD to CUT. Choose Options. Toggle menu. Choose your own shape, timber, hardware & more. $14.95. Why should I buy yours?\". All templates are CAD drawn, and Laser cut on 1/4" MDF for accuracy and durability! Miami, ... reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. 59.00. Humbucker Templates. If you are making multiple guitars or copies of a specific guitar that accuracy will also need to be consistent. Quick View. 50's Strat Template. USD . 65.00. Quick view Details. 59.00. Guitar building templates, jigs & tools to help you build your dream guitar! Luthier Supplies - Guitar Parts - Tools & Templates - Tonewoods - Electronics - Shipping Worldwide - Based in Portugal (EU). These templates save hours of guitar building time. A number of factors went into building this list, but the most important is this: they are all well-reviewed and from reputable kit makers. Whether you are a professional guitar builder, a hobbyist or a complete novice templates will make your life much easier. T-Style Thinline Template … \"But Mike\" you say, \"there are lots of templates with center lines and stuff on the eBay. Quick view Details. All my guitar building templates are either 1/2\" or 3/4\" MDF, with engraved center lines. and shipping weight. 60's Strat Template. 59.00. 59.00. If you're going to build a great guitar, you need great tools. 50's Strat Template. Build your own custom electric guitar Customize guitar bodies, necks, timber, hand-orientation and more for your taste and playing style. Perfect for custom builds. They’re also not the same generic Stratocaster kits you’re used to seeing (though there is one or two included for good measure). 50's Strat Template with Suhr style headstock. Free guitar templates available to download - all plans are provided in PDF format, and printable 1:1 scale for ease of use. Guitar Building Business Forms and Systems. 14436 SW 158th Court. Luthier Templates for building your own guitar! Guitar Kit World provides quality electric & bass guitar kits you can easily assemble yourself.