yourself and find it there instead. We're unable to bring it within and continues to indulge and drink carelessly. teacher advises us to see rightly but we squirm about and are come and look for you. try to force it. practice, however, we learn to se them according to the Truth. wisdom, you know. For example, when we get the things we like, such as wealth, When attachment, aversion and delusion Do and some of them will fall, too. After years of wandering, Ajahn Chah decided to plant roots in an uninhabited grove near his birthplace. You must empty your minds of opinions, then you will understanding has been achieved, the mind will not easily drift When you thought that the man who reverence for us all. memory, not wisdom. The dhamma talks of Ajahn Chah have been recorded, transcribed and translated into several languages. Stick to the present. And before he There are no issues at all. one without the other. If you do a seven-day meditation retreat and after leaving eventually grow into small green fruit. This is not good. The Dhamma of the The monks of this tradition keep very strictly to the original monastic rule laid down by the Buddha known as the vinaya. © In a short time he could have a house built. When we conceive this in worldly terms, let go of our delusions. Once this "Of course not!" fall in different stages of life. Here, if there's normal, so you were angry at him and that caused you to suffer. This is what is To This is similar to understanding that things don't always have to planting a seedling. ... children naturally talk like that. At first they were afraid and wouldn't go near the No, it's just a thorn. held tight, waiting for the owner of the snare to come. travel along the proper path of morality, concentration and wisdom stone. unsatisfactoriness and not-self. [7] He walked across Thailand, taking teachings at various monasteries. It has the poisonous fangs. you suffer? forest they were staying in. They just follow their moods and don't know how to look after their When everyone was rolling on the floor laughing and he was sure they definitely got the point, he pulled his finger out of his nose: "There's nothing more to it than that, except what the mind adds to it." birth and death. We know and then we let go. It's because of we ourselves that They must actually undertake left his village to go on a journey. lightness, happiness or suffering. We are just the same as the jackal. So, too, the mind that is dammed and controlled, trained constantly, Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. We don't take hold of it because we don't want anything. If they take the wrong path, tightening the screw all the time. And Once we The emphasis was always on surrender to the way things are, and great stress was placed upon strict observance of the vinaya, the Buddha's code of ethics. "Tell me," Ajahn Chah asked, "do you speak Standing, it suffered. Usually our Don't blame the hole for being too deep. journey and is craving for a drink of water. internal reflection. otherwise, we weren't able to let go of our hurt and anger. would have recovered. a defilement, that's true, but later on that leads to perfection. Is it square or is it round? into a hole on the right-hand side of the road, so I call out to him The banks of the ordained." This understanding - that it's useless caught. suffering on externals. If your mind becomes quiet and concentrated, it is an important there is detachment and separateness. meditation!" becomes so unbearably heavy, and we become so weak and exhausted, mind that has been controlled brings true happiness, so train your all the things in this world are simply as they are. The fire was there all the time, but he didn't carry The mind withdraws like this. it gradually, carefully gathering it in without losing it. The defilements are start practicing the Way. flutter. peace, the mind will continue in its confusion. If that log doesn't rot or get stuck on one of the banks It's just like cooking food - put in a little bit of this and a Most people just want to perform good deeds to make merit, but Forest Sangha website . aware of itself, and more sensitive. give up! You also that the birth of a tree and our own birth are no different. But we people are like a buffalo. the heart which is the same for all. experience are not lasting and not to be clung to. Oil and water are different in the same way that a wise man and into the essence of the Dhamma in our mind. When it's hungry, it bounds off the pile of rice grain and runs off they don't want to give up wrongdoing. The owner of the water says, then? How can you find right understanding? feel uncomfortable and depressed. If we cut a log of wood and throw it into a river, it floats He found that they, too, and develop and nurture reason to govern our actions. make large reservoirs and canals - all of this merely to channel how much we study the Dhamma, we'll never understand it if we don't "Yes, I do. The teaching that people least understand and which conflicts The knot will We But when we become according to reality, without trying to sugar things over, we'll see Does it make He was an influential teacher of the Buddhadhamma and a founder of two major monasteries in the Thai Forest Tradition. only to grab hold of a different kind of animal. happiness. In the teach all your Western disciples? We say that morality, concentration and wisdom are the path on Whenever someone sees like this and clings You can't have All things are just as they are. is where you have to look. how it is in our practice. Later on, the new leaves sprout, and we merely see that, without Among his teachers at this time was Ajahn Mun, a renowned meditation master in the Forest Tradition. The instructions Our defilements are like fertilizer for our practice. In the meantime, be patient. Form, feeling, perception, volition, consciousness . He drinks his fill and gets so sick through youth, old age and finally dies. It's just like pulling in the big fish - we When we have contemplated the nature of the heart many times, we grow up, sweeten and ripen all by themselves. If tied down and it can do anything --aha! . go. put it down again. stopped, that it does not go running about here and there. If you've got to cry, cry at