… An air curtain will create an invisible barrier above openings which will isolate different temperature zones without affecting other areas. Maintains indoor air quality and saves energy by minimizing heated and air conditioned air loss through open doorways. Find here Air Curtain, air door manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Air curtains for doors. These curtains are aesthetically pleasing and quietly perform at the highest level to maximize employee/customer comfort and energy savings. Head Office: 1045 Rangeview Rd Mississauga, ON L5E 1H2, Open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (24 hr emergencies 905-274-5850) Direct line for Service Department: 905-274-5850 ext. Global Industrial Insect Control Air Curtains (Up To Eight Feet) Are Used For Use Above Delivery, Dumpster And Service … Up to a 75% reduction in energy typically lost out the door. This technique allows a decrease of heating and cooling costs up to 80%. An air curtain, also known as an air door, air screen or air barrier uses a controlled stream of air aimed across and down from an opening to create an air seal. Door Doctor 16 to 30 feet air curtains provide effective control of environments in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Find out more! Because they help to contain heated or conditioned air, they provide sizable energy savings and increased personal comfort … In industry, time is money. Commercial Door and Loading Dock Installation, DIRECT SAFE DRIVE OPERATOR – DOWNTOWN PORSCHE. The Direct Gas Fired air curtain provides the most heat of any air curtain in the Powered Aire product line. 00. With the Direct Fired air curtain, the intake air goes directly through the flame prior to being discharged. 1 - 4 ... the maximum number of products. The new generation of air curtains offered by Door Doctor is the ideal solution for the maintain of a comfortable indoor climate in commercial locals and establishments open to the public which need to keep their doors open or which are subject to frequent openings. An air curtain creates an invisible barrier on the door, separating the locale from the climate outdoors. SchwankAir Curtains create an effective seal by re-circulating the facility air in a smooth laminar flow across an open doorway. Therefore, your clients comfort is improved, as well as your employee’s. An air curtain is a protection against heat, cold, heat losses and drafts. Sign up for Wilcox articles and resources: Have a question? DuraSteel Aerial Titan-1 has a … Air curtains for restaurants have other benefits such as blocking out exhaust fumes, smoke, odours and insects. Quite simply, we offer the widest selection of industrial doors to suit just about every imaginable application. Also called an air door, an air curtain from Grainger comes in widths of up to 12 feet, although several can be grouped together for wider entrances. $342.00 $ 342. Whether it is new construction or a retrofit installation, our trained technicians are ready to serve your air curtain needs in Ontario. Air curtains and air screens blows heated air (or cooled air in summertime) across door openings and reduces the ingress of cold air (or hot air in summertime) from the outside due to wind forces and natural draught through the building.. Air screens acts with heated (or cooled) air; Air curtains acts with unheated (or not cooled) air; Actual Applications Air curtains create a wall of air that pushes air downward in front of the opening it is mounted above; this "curtain" of air acts as an invisible barrier that won't let other airflows, dust, debris, inspects, birds or bugs through it. 7 (11) 8 (14) 10 (58) 11 (20) 12 (2) Brand. DuraSteel Aerial Titan-2 60" Super Thin Alloy Anti Erosive Case Commercial Indoor Air Curtain - UL Certified - with Free HeavyDuty Door … Consumer; Air Solutions; Air Curtain. So much so, that ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2019 and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) building code allows AMCA certified air curtains … This air curtain will provide up to a 105 ̊F instant temperature rise at the threshold. Industry Type: Commercial and multi-tenant, warehouse, malls, manufacturing, transit and truck terminals, underground parking and much more. FREE Shipping. 10 to 14 feet air curtains, offered by Door Doctor, are ideal for applications of medium clearance in buildings, restaurants or service entrances. Available air curtains range from multipurpose designs to models for drive-through windows. Cold storage is one of the main applications of the air curtains in the industry field. Model # 4YP01 For transoms and other openings requiring a thermal barrier. Electric Air Curtains – We do three ranges of electric air curtain heaters or sometimes referred to as electric over door heaters, a light commercial range, a commercial range and an industrial range.All of these over door heaters are suitable for taking and heating the … It controls energy costs from preventing expensive inside heated/cold air that lost when doors open, and obstruct cold/hot air, viruses, fumes, odours, exhaust gas, flying insects that … An air curtain is a … And Jamison doors help facilitate the movement of goods and personnel like no other company. They provide reliable and silent operation while having a robust and safe system. $2,081.00 - $6,899.00. MS series air curtain are the perfect solution when aesthetics, energy saving, indoor environment matter. Let one of our customer service specialists recommend a quality product that is highly efficient and improves profitability. These units are designed to keep the circulation of hot and cold air steady to help lower your energy costs, and they also help keep outside winds from blowing inside and altering the internal temperature of your establishment. This technique allows a decrease of heating and cooling costs up to 80%. nanoe™ Technology. Industrial air curtains for large doors such as entrances to warehouses, hangars, factories, logistic centers, loading dock doors or commercial centers. Curtains of 3 to 8 feet are suitable for applications of low clearance. DuraSteel Aerial Titan-1 – The Most Powerful Commercial Air Curtain. Up to 71 (47) 72 to 155 (58) Max Doorway Height Feet. Learn more at incentive programs.