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What Can You Eat After An Upper Endoscopy?

12 April 2019By Admin

If you have gone through upper endoscopy you may want to know, what to eat after the procedure. Here are some tips on what to eat and avoid after the procedure...

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Tips to Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer

20 March 2019By Admin

The first step towards reducing your risk of colon cancer is understanding your risk factors. In this post we will consider some tips to reduce your risk of colon cancer...

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3 Common Digestive Disorders and How to Treat Them

20 Feb 2019By Admin

In this article, we will discuss some common digestive disorders like diverticulitis, GERD, and lactose intolerance and what you can do to treat them...

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How Safe Is Upper Endoscopy?

17 Jan 2019By Admin

Upper endoscopy is a gastrointestinal procedure that makes use of an endoscope to view the digestive tract. In this article, We will discuss what endoscopy is and how safe this procedure is...

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Questions to Ask Your Gastroenterologist

03 Sept 2018By Admin

In this article, we will consider some of the important questions you should ask a gastroenterologist as well as the reasons you need to ask them so you can make most out of your appointment...

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Functional Anatomy of the Digestive System

29th Aug 2018By Admin

Good health begins in the gut and the digestive system is one of the key systems responsible for keeping humans alive and healthy. It ensures that the food we eat is properly broken down into the form they can be used in the body. Get a better understanding of the functional anatomy of the digestive system...

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Constipation: When to Visit a Gastroenterologist

21 Aug 2018By Admin

Constipation should never be taken lightly as it can be a sign that something more serious. Regular bowel movement is important for digestive health and wellbeing of the entire body. In this article we will discuss what constipation is and when it is time to go see a gastroenterologist...

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Compelling Reasons to Stop Eating Fast Foods

14 May 2018By Admin

Fast foods can do more harm to you than just making you gain weight, unhealthy food can be seriously detrimental to your gastrointestinal health. Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should fully avoid eating meals from fast food restaurants...

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Colonoscopy 101: Things You Need To Know

14 May 2018By Admin

Colonoscopy procedure might sound intimidating but it is the quickest way to check for colon cancer. Find out what colonoscopy is and how safe and effective it is

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How Stress Affects Your Gut Health

14 May 2018By Admin

Stress does more harm to your body than you think. It is vital to manage stress to keep your gut healthy and diseases at bay. Here is how stress affects the gut.

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Gallstone Removal Surgery in Johannesburg: What To Expect

05 May 2018By Admin

Here is all you need to know about gallstone removal surgery. You will learn about the common causes, symptoms, and procedures used to diagnose gallstones. Find out what to expect before, during and after surgery...

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Probiotics and Their Effect on Your Gut Health

25 April 2018By Admin

For the gut to be healthy, there are conditions that need to be fulfilled. One of the conditions is an ideal microbiome. This is where probiotics come into the equation. Here is what you need to know about probiotics and how they affect our digestive health, and our general wellbeing.

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